6DJ8 ECC88 6922 E88CC

6922/E88CC Russia/Sovtek Very popular 6922, used by many OEM's.

6922/E88CC Tesla/JJ. Made in Slovakia. These are more similar to older West European varieties of 6922/E88CC. New manufacture from Tesla/JJ in Slovakia.

Philips ECG JAN 6922/E88CC .... Military grade US made tube (Out Of Stock)

6DJ8/ECC88 Ei-Elite: Gold pin, tested version of the regular Ei-Yugoslav 6DJ8/ECC88. Their copy of the old Dutch made 6DJ8. Very popular. (Out of Stock)

6922 ElectroHarmonix:A new version of the venerable Russian 6922 from ElectroHarmonix.

6DJ8 6922 Types 6dec69e8

6922/E88CC Tesla/JJ Tube.6922/E88CC Tesla/JJ Tube.
6922 E88CC Made by JJ Electronic in the Slovak Republic.

6922 E88CC Philips ECG (USA) Tube6922 E88CC Philips ECG (USA) Tube
New old stock (1980's production) military issue Philips ECG US made 6922/E88CC tube.

6922 Electro-Harmonix Russia Tube6922 Electro-Harmonix Russia Tube

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