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Triode USA DIYTube ST-35 Punched Chassis MADE IN USA

A NEW ST-35 type Stainless Steel Punched Chassis for the DIYTube ST-35. Chassis has cut-outs in front for modern RCA jacks. These are spaced further apart to fit modern cables and jacks. Cut-outs in Back for Binding Posts instead of the terminal strips. These provide much better contact for the speaker wires. IEC Power Cord Cut-Out. Nice Super Heavy Duty stainless steel finish. Check out our custom made Transformers and Boards to build your amp. The chassis is punched for the diytube board not the original pc13. Comes with top and bottom pieces. 13.25" x 9.5" x 1.75" MADE IN USA.

diytubest35chassisRegular price: $149.95Sale price: $99.95
SPDT Mini Rocker Switch ON-ON cwspdtswitch$5.95

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