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Ultimate DIY Project Power Transformer Universal Multi-Tap Guitar HiFi Amp MADE IN USA - ONLY ONE LEFT!!!

The Ultimate DIY Project Power Transformer! With three different High Voltage taps, Higher Current Capabilities of the 6.3V windings, and a 5V rectifier tube winding, this power transformer truly is a Chameleon.

Primary 120V 50/60Hz, Secondary Windings: 680VCT, 644CVT, or 580VCT @ 210mA DC, with 55V bias tap, 6.3VCT @ 6A, and 5V @ 1.9A. Transformer dimensions are 3-7/8 inches high X 3-1/4 wide X 4-1/4 inches deep over the covers, mounting hole centers are 2-1/2 inchs X 2.94 inches

This PT could be used to build a wide variety of Guitar & HiFi amplifiers. Examples: AC-30, Marshall Style 18W, 20W, & 36W, Marshall Style JTM-45 & other 50W circuits, Deluxe Reverb, Tremolux, Vibrolux, Tweed Deluxe circuits using pairs of cathode biased 6L6's or quads of 6V6's, Many Trainwreck Style circuits using pairs of 6V6's, EL34's, & quads of EL84's Homebrew versions of the Dynaco ST-35 & SCA-35, and Many Others!!

Keep in mind that while this transformer will work (electrically speaking) in the above mentioned circuits, the mounting style/dimensions may be different.

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Wiring Diagram Universal PT

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