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If you are having any trouble with checkout, please email or give us a call, we can help. We often use USPS Priority Flat Rate Boxes, but Yahoo stores does not always calculate correctly with this shipping method yet. If you are dissatisfied with your shipping quote, please email us for a quote.

Disclaimer: --Devices sold as a kits, parts and items sold separately-- The layouts and advice provided are offered as a guide to assemble, test or use the devices, parts and items only. Triode USA cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in these guides. As these are component kits, parts, and items sold separately, neither Triode USA nor any other entity can or will be liable for any damage be it personal, property or monetary, that may occur while building, testing or using these devices, parts, and items. Triode USA is only liable for defective parts only to the extent of the replacement of said defective parts, and does not warrant them for any particular purpose. For the manufacturer's warranty and specs, please see each manufacturer's individual policy. These devices may contain potentially lethal voltages. The builder of these devices should have appropriate technical expertise commensurate with the tasks required. If while building, testing or operating these devices, parts, or items the builder or operator requires technical assistance it is the responsibility of the builder or operator to acquire that assistance. Operation of any of these devices outside of an appropriate enclosure is not advised.

Some customer feedback on us:

"Hey, do you guys have a discussion page where I can thank you publicly for this great kit, and the ability to try other tubes, like the KT88? I'm having so much fun listening and trying different tubes, and being able to pick out the differences in sound quality. Thank you very much for having these kits available. I bought the full kit a couple years ago, liked it so much, I bought new power supply and driver boards for the 2 original kits I built back in '69. I use them in monoblock mode, one per channel. They sound great and impress all family and friends. Again, thank you very much, I hope other kit builders enjoy these as much as I am!"

"Hi, I recently purchased the 5E3 Chassis, turret board, and Magnetic Comp Classic Tone Power and Output transformers. I finished the build last weekend and am amazed at the overall tone of the amp. It is far beyond anything I could have expected. I think the Classic Tone transformers are just as good as other transformers that sell for 3 times the price. The layout on the site is easy to follow and really helped me with putting the amp together. I also wanted to thank you for the tech help. I emailed regarding the connections of the output transformer and received a quick and very helpful answer to my question. Thanks for greats products and service. Triode is my first choice for amp parts."

This is a great company who delivers quick and cares about the customer!!!

Arrived just fine and well-packed. Many thanks :-)

Just finished the build- amp sounds AWESOME! Recommend seller and product. THX!

Thanks for a great tidy and completed amp super rigid package Thx for your help

Top Quality kit! Excellent Price!

transformer works great in my ampeg jet, thanks

Did the trick, I now have reverberationnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Thank you!

Received so fast my soldering iron hadn't even heated up!

Transformers and custom made items, may be out of stock from time to time. We have a large amount of ampbuilders, and small parts companies, who occasionally may deplete our stock before our next run of parts is completed. There is no way to predict this and you will be notified if your order cannot be filled in a timely manner.

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