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Fender Deluxe +more Output 20w Transformer 4/8/16 ohm- Fender 041318, Ampeg, Silvertone, MADE IN USA

Fender Deluxe style 20w transformer with extra features, versatile replacement for Fender # 041318 and more.
The TF-110-4816-UL transformer... with 4, 8, AND 16 ohm! output taps, and ultralinear screen taps, too! Makes adapting the Deluxe circuit to 4 ohm, dual 8 ohm speakers, or use with 8 or 16 ohm extension speakers easy. Perfect for those 4x12's! This is a vintage styled paper layer wound transformer, just like the old school ones. Extra iron on this one too...
Brand new production, MADE IN USA!

TF-110-4816-UL (replaces Fender p/n 041318) is a bolt-in, no drilling required, replacement output transformer for Fender Deluxe (Blackface or Silverface), also fits many other amplifiers using 6V6, 6BQ5,EL84, 7189, and 6CZ5, also lower powered (25W or less) amps with 6L6, 7591 or 7868..dropin replacement for most vintage Ampeg Jet & Reverborocket and some Silvertones. (Check mounting) This transformer can also be used to replace blown outputs on many low & mid-priced tube hifis, stereos, and console radios from the 40's, 50's & 60's.

This transformer will work with tubes wired as pentode, triode or ultralinear and 4, 8, and 16 ohm loads. Just tape up any leads you don't need to use.
You can use these for either guitar or hifi do-it-yourself's good from 50 out to 20 KHz. If you'd like to build a good but very simple & inexpensive amplifier, this transformer may be used with the Compact Amplifier project, on this web site, or its successor, the Ultra Compact Amplifier.

Response flat within 1 dB 50 Hz-20KHz at 20 watts, you can actually put more than 20W through it at a more limited bandwidth, eg: at lowest note on a lead guitar (approx 80 Hz), this transformer can pass 50 watts or more. Primary 6600 ohm CT with screen taps at 43% Secondary 0-4-8-16 ohms. Max suggested DC current per side 80 ma. Mounting hole centers are 3 1/8" (80 mm) apart.
Dimensions: 2 9/16 inch wide X 3 inches high X 2 3/4 inch deep over the end covers. Mounting hole centers are 3 1/8 inch apart. Handsome black enamel finish.


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